Winter Specials

The Winter Specials 6 pack (€ 19,95) can now be (pre)ordered online and includes 3 specials named by our Kompanians:

  • Sassy Threesome - Prototripel (9%) named by Rodney Bos, JS De Vries & Luca Moretti.
  • Et tu, Brute?! (7,2% Brute IPA) named by Benjamin Broekhuizen.
  • Saturnussquad (10,5% Quadrupel) named by Balázs Tóth & Jaap van der Velden.

Together with the following 3 barrel aged beers:

  • Tommy Double Barrel - 2018 Barrel Aged Auchroisk & Bowmore whisky.
  • Bloedbroeder - 2018 Barrel Aged 8 months extra port.
  • Bocks - 2018 Barrel Aged rum.

Sounds good and want to pre-order them? That can be done by clickinghere.
You can pick them up at the Winter T(h)reelease Celebration on the 25th of November at the Craft Beer Bar, or have them delivered at your doorstep if you prefer.

To really get in the winter holiday spirit, we would to ask your help decorating our Kompaan Christmas tree on the 25th of November!
So bring your friends, kids and neighbors and come put your name on a personal Kompaan Christmas ball / decoration in our tree!