Spring is in the air, birds are singing and the bees are flying! Bees are part of the base of our eco system, one we need to take care of or we won't have this delicious beer to cheers with. The bees are struggling and need help. That's why we are teaming up with the Honey Highway again.

With every Wannabee beer, 0,5m2 of flower seeds is funded. The precious flowers are the food they need a lot more of to survive. So grab your Wannabee, drink the beer and love the bees!

Pre-order Wannabee six pack special!
Want to have the freshest Wannabee you can and support the bees a little extra? Pre-order you special six pack and fund not 3m2 but 10m2 of bio-flower seeds! You'll be able to pick it up at the Craft Beer Bar on the 1st of March 2019 or have it shipped out to you in the first week of March.
The Wannabee six pack isn't just super fresh, it's also supporting the bees just a little extra, instead of 3m2, you're funding 10m2!

So Wannabee happy? Pre-order your six pack here and drink beer!

Wannabee launch event - 1st March 2019
To pick up your freshly bottled and packed six pack and have a Wannabee from the tap, you're invited to the Craft Beer Bar on the 1st of March for the official launch!
Check out the facebook event here and invite your friends.

#Wannabeehappy contest
Tag Kompaan and #wannabeehappy in your photo on facebook or instagram photo for a chance to win a tour at the Honey Highway, beer tasting at the Craft Beer Bar and brewery tour for you and a friend!